Calheta rockfall closes seafront

Cliff stability to be assessed again

Calheta rockfall

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up a report that the President of the Regional Government said today that it will take two weeks to clean the rocks on the cliff face that may be unstable and the debris caused by the Calheta rockfall this morning, and that the state of the slope overlooking the waterfront is currently being evaluated to then know the type of intervention that will be carried out.

At the moment, it is not yet known the type of intervention that will be necessary, whether deep or not, but the president of the Regional Government said that if a greater intervention proves necessary, “money will be found” to carry out the work.

Regarding possible intervention projects already planned for the site, the regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure said that there is a project with “some time” that never made it to the ground, but that now may need to be updated in view of the latest Calheta rockfall.

The preparation work begins tomorrow and dismantling will begin on Monday, according to the regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure.

Parties cancelled

Earlier today, the Municipality of Calheta confirmed the postponement of the festivities of São João and the 520th anniversary of the Municipality, which will take place tomorrow, scheduled for this weekend, after the fall of stones from the escarpment located in the centre of the municipality.

As JM reported earlier, the fall of some stones this morning on the Calheta waterfront determined the postponement of the parties scheduled for tomorrow and after.

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Calheta rockfall closes seafront 1

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