Calhau da Lapa “bombed”

… by escarpment safety work

Calhau da Lapa

The new Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up a report that the cove/rocky beach Calhau da Lapa, in Campanário, has been transformed into a war scene after having been ‘bombed’ in recent days by the intervention of municipal workmen (“rockers”) on the slope overlooking this corner located on the coast of the parish, next to the mouth of the Campanário stream.

As the mayor of Ribeira Brava, Ricardo Nascimento, had already admitted when he decreed the interdiction of the space and announced the intervention in the escarpment at risk, this operation of dismantling the rocky blocks at risk of falling has inevitably caused a lot of
damage at the site, especially in areas of public space, as photos document.

Calhau da Lapa was closed by the Ribeira Brava City Council and swimming at the popular cove was prohibited – it will be the target of further intervention. Thanks to Maurice for the link to the YouTube video below.

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