Belgians provide penultimate fireworks

“A journey of emotions” – video

Firework display by Belgian HC Pyrotechnics

The new Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed picked up several reports last night as large crowds headed to downtown Funchal to watch the penultimate firework display of the Atlantic Festival. The fireworks were followed by the circus arts show ‘KAI’ at Praça do Povo.

“A journey of emotions” was the theme of yesterday’s pyrotechnic show, the third of this month, this time by the Belgian company HC Pyrotechnics. An initiative within the scope of the Atlantic Festival, under the responsibility of the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture. And once again, the Madeiran capital was full, with the Security Police forced to issue parking tickets to transgressing vehicles.

On the last Saturday of June, as in each edition of the Atlantic Festival, the closing pyromusical show will be in charge of the organizing company with the theme ‘Madeira, The fifth element’. The results of the contest will be known on the 25th, right after the show, and the national company, as an organizer, is not voting. It should be noted that on the 23rd, Macedo’s will hold a similar event in Porto Santo, at 11:30 pm. On the first Saturday of this month, it was Ukraine’s turn with the theme ‘The various colours of the Ukrainian soul’ by the company Dance of Fire. On June 11th, the Canadian company Apogée Fireworks brought us ‘The Immortals’.

The fireworks shows are part of an International Fireworks Competition, where companies compete for a trophy awarded by public voting, via the Internet and tombolas placed in strategic locations in the city of Funchal located on the city’s pier, in the day of the show, at La Vie and Marina Shopping malls and at the Tourist Office on Avenida Arriaga.

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