Areeiro car parking limited

Walkers to use makeshift car park

Car parking headline in JM today

JM leads with a report on the latest moves to control car parking at Pico do Areeiro – widely reported here – just browse recent posts. The newspaper relates that disrespect by drivers has lead to a new determination that limits the stopping of vehicles next to the radar at Pico do Areeiro. From now on, the PSP (Security Police) will fine offenders and tow away any vehicles deemed to be in violation. 

Those, mostly tourists, who want to take footpaths should leave their car in the makeshift car park that was recently opened. The newspaper also reports that a growing number of tourists are also already lining up to see the waterfall in Ponta do Sol.

Covid-19: Two more deaths

As for the pandemic, Madeira already has 99 hospitalized and two more deaths. Details as usual on the link immediately below.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

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Solidarity with Ukraine

A “Stand With Ukraine” page is being automatically shown to all traffic coming to this website originating in Russia

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