Aquapark reopens

… with higher prices

Aquapark photo in the Diario

Highlighted on the front page of the Diario with a prominent photo, is the reopening of the only aquapark in the Region. The newspaper reports that this summer, tickets will be more expensive. 

The promoter Madeira Aquapark starts the season with a negative balance and does not skimp on criticism of the lack of support from the Santa Cruz authorities. “The first €100,000 that are made are to keep the bills at zero”, calculates Tiago Cardoso.

Before it closed, according to Visit Madeira, the aquapark had a capacity of over 1000 people and included various recreational swimming pools, three water-slides, four fast slides, a rapid river, a black-hole, a hole river, a lazy river, a leisure swimming pool and a children’s water park.

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  1. I don’t know why the Aquapark doesn’t open earlier in the year. I often see people on Facebook in April & May asking when it will open. It would help if it was advertised better to bring the tourists in.


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