Ambulance crisis?

15 of 32 out of action

Ambulance headline in the Diario

The news that makes the headline in the printed edition of Diario this Monday, June 20th, reveals that the Regional Health Directorate has a fleet of 32 ambulances, of which six are in the workshop and nine are being evaluated to see if it is worth the effort to repair. The situation is causing embarrassment but the organisation is reportedly playing the situation down.

Vandalism defaces geodesic landmarks

As it is the responsibility of the Republic, the Region is under no obligation to maintain these triangulation points, as in Pico Ruivo, which carry information on latitude, longitude and altitude. The most serious fine, which can revert to the Region, can reach €25,000

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

Solidarity with Ukraine

A “Stand With Ukraine” page is being automatically shown to all traffic coming to this website originating in Russia

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