“Altars de Säo Joäo”

… liven up central Funchal

"Altars de Säo Joäo"

Both JM and FN carry identical reports that the ‘Altars de São João’ are back on the streets of Funchal, in an initiative of the municipality of Funchal, Câmara Municipal do Funchal, with the collaboration of the Parish Council of Sé.

Until next Saturday, the streets surrounding Praça do Carmo are guaranteed entertainment, in an investment by the municipality of €7,200 to “keep traditions alive, boost the local economy and diversify the program of events offered to residents and tourists in the city”, according to said President Pedro Calado, at the official opening of the festivities.

The ‘Altars de São João’ parties involve 31 establishments (17 general stores and 14 restaurants and bars), which Pedro Calado made a point of entering and greeting customers and businessmen, having been strongly welcomed by the population, who accompanied him to the rhythm of the marches of the Municipal Band of Funchal and the good mood of the Teatro Bolo do Caco.

It should be noted that the event has two daily entertainment moments, lunchtime and evening, with the restaurants open until 24:00.

The mayor of Funchal called for the participation of the population in the ‘Altars de São João’ festivities, thanked the collaboration of the Parish Council of Sé and SocioHabitaFunchal, and highlighted the existing animation, as well as the reinforcement of security and urban cleaning during the days of the event.

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"Altars de Säo Joäo" 1

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  1. Wish I was there as I feel it is encouraging to locals to keep their traditions alive plus as tourists to see the uniqueness of this Pearl.


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