27,000 families benefit from food aid

Earthquake off Desertas

Food aid headline in JM

JM headlines that, in Madeira, 27,185 people were covered by the food aid program “Extraordinary Support for the Most Vulnerable Families”, created to mitigate the impact of inflation on foodstuffs. The food

aid resulted in the allocation of €60 per household, representing a global investment of €1.2 million.

The dominant photo is dedicated to the holidays of Madeirans, activities that return to the top of the priorities for many families after many were prevented by the pandemic.

Earthquake off Desertas

The Madeira News website, with its automated 24/7 news feed has picked up a report that an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale occurred in the sea of ​​the Madeira archipelago, early this (Tuesday) morning.

 According to information from IPMA (Portugal’s Weather Institute), the natural phenomenon was detected shortly after midnight, at 00:10 (local time), being recorded at stations of the Mainland Seismic Network.

The earthquake’s epicentre was located about 55 km south-southeast of Deserta Grande, at a depth of 9 kilometres.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates can be found in an earlier post

27,000 families benefit from food aid 1

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8 thoughts on “27,000 families benefit from food aid”

  1. We are staying for 2/52 in the old town Funchal and having a great time. Two problems that we have experienced are the seafront area smelling dreadfully of human urine and noise late at night going on until early in the morning. To make the situation worse the drains smell badly of sewage 😢
    These need rectifying otherwise tourists numbers will decline

    • Mike,

      I suspect your smell issue may due to the fact that the Almirante Reis Waste Water / Sewage treatment plant is situated on the seafront ( the two dark grey buildings – styled like a ship ) near the Cable Car station.
      I believe there are plans to move it but I wouldn’t “hold my breath” on when – but then again, like most of us, you might want to hold that breath when passing it !!

      As for noise well the Zona Velha is “party central” for the locals when it comes to late night drinking and revelry especially at weekends, regardless of any present restrictions.

      Whilst the Old Town has it’s advantages over the main tourist area of Funchal, there are inevitably some negatives.


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