Ribeira Brava: beer, drinks, and snacks festival

Culture Week continues

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JM reports that today, at 6:00 pm, another edition of the Festa da Cerveja, Doses e Petiscos starts, in Ribeira Brava, a festivity included in the celebrations of the day of the Municipality, and which lasts until May 8th. 

For four days, the Marginal, next to the beach, will be the stage for lots of entertainment, music, good cuisine and, of course, a variety of beers. This year, the big musical attraction will be Toy, with a performance scheduled for May 7, at 10:00 pm. 

Culture Week is a “Win”

Ribeira Brava
Ribeira Brava beach and Marginal

The Culture Week in Ribeira Brava, which began on April 29, has not yet ended, but it already has a positive balance on the part of the mayor. Ricardo Nascimento considers that all the activities were “an added value for all those involved, from the youngest, to whom the taste and importance of reading were stimulated through the book fair and the various associated initiatives, to the older ones who were given the opportunity to present and exhibit their work through books, sculptures, paintings, theatre, cinema and lectures”.

The councillor with the culture portfolio is satisfied with the adhesion and involvement of the public, especially the schools, and speaks of “exceeded expectations”. Jorge Santos considers that “the seed has been sown” and that there are conditions to bet on future editions of Ribeira Brava Culture Week.

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