President accepts public accounting irregularities

Social Security with €65m irregularities

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JM reports that the Government of Madeira indicated today that it has “no problem” in accepting the report from the Court of Auditors (TdC) that signals accounting irregularities in the financial reports of institutions subsidized by the Social Security Institute, in the amount of 65 million euros.

“There were no embezzlements or concealments”, said the Regional President Miguel Albuquerque, stressing, however, that it is necessary to “improve the accounts” of those entities.

According to the leader of the regional executive (PSD/CDS-PP), “a work of accounting organization is needed, in order to have greater clarity regarding the allocation of items and their accounting”.

On Thursday, the Court of Auditors revealed that around 40% of Private Social Solidarity Institutions (IPSS) subsidised by the Madeira Social Security Institute, between 2016 and 2018, did not publish their accounts regularly, but have continued, however, to benefit from public support to the tune of around €65 million.

The previous day, the TdC had also announced the decision not to approve the institute’s 2019 management account, arguing that it lacked accounting for about 1.7 million euros in that year.

“We agree with that [the TdC scrutiny]. We have no problem accepting this correction”, declared Miguel Albuquerque, adding that “it must be corrected in order to guarantee what is the rule of law and the norms of the rule of law”.

The head of the regional executive also said that he always maintained a “pedagogical and respectful attitude” towards the Court of Auditors and explained that institutions that did not regularly publish the accounts did a “work of great availability and volunteerism” during the pandemic period of Covid-19.

“We are now going to work pedagogically with these entities to have more accurate and more consistent instruments for managing the money they receive,” he said.

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