Pathways improved in Machico

… with National Guard assistance

Pathway in Machico

The Diario reports that the Municipality of Machico, through the Municipal Civil Protection Service, and in conjunction with the National Republican Guard, started this week an intervention in the path of Lombo das Lapinhas, in the Parish of Machico, with a view to mitigating and reducing risks from falling rocks and trees.

The intervention was preceded by technical opinions and the preparation of a report by the Regional Civil Engineering Laboratory (LREC), and the intervention was later articulated between the Municipal Civil Protection and the GNR. Four soldiers from the Emergency Protection and Relief Unit and a support vehicle are involved in the operations in cutting trees and stabilizing the cliff around the pathway.

New joint interventions are planned, between the Municipality of Machico and the GNR, in the coming months, with a view to mitigating risks to people and property, in locations and pathways previously identified and referenced by the municipal civil protection.

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    • I can’t figure it out…. could be a small section of Levada do Canical? Even Windy Maps (changed name to does not help.
      I will have to ask next week in Machico.


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