Passport backlog to get worse

5.000 applications now in the system

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The Times has an alarming report this morning describing how Passport Office staff have privately warned that the application backlog will only get worse as what is described as “rock-bottom morale” combined with “creaking” IT systems put summer holidays at risk for millions.

The newspaper has obtained a cache of internal messages from officials this week in which staff say that their systems are struggling to cope and are not “fit for purpose”. They raise concerns that the backlog is just the “beginning of a very lengthy scenario” and pressure will only become “heavier”.

Passport Office staff talking to The Times also accused Teleperformance, which has a five-year £22.8 million contract to run the passport advice line, of giving customers “poor, misleading advice” and exacerbating public anger.

The Home Office could not provide an updated figure on how many applications were waiting to be processed, but the most recent number was 500,000. Full story here.

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5 thoughts on “Passport backlog to get worse”

  1. I do not understand articles like this ,our passport renewals were returned in 8 weeks and it only took that long as we had to submit new photos a couple times

  2. Speaking as I find, I renewed mine this year & had the courier service for delivery here in Madeira, & what a good service it was, around 3-4 weeks from applying on-line. The only slight fly in the ointment is the taking of up to date picture from phone or iPad, that’s a bit sensitive & a tad awkward to get right, otherwise a 5* service.

  3. I applied online to renew my Irish passport on Easter Saturday. Returned to the US on the following Wednesday and the new passport was delivered on Friday. Despite record levels of applications. So it can be done, just not by the UK.


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