New Radar progress

End of masks May 14?

New Radar headline in JM

JM reports that progress has been made with the new Radar which everybody finally agrees is required at the airport with the establishment of a working group that was in Santa Cruz this week to analyze the characteristics and places where the much-desired equipment should be located. 

JM describes that the process is advancing quickly, with contacts having already been made with suppliers and the tender for the new Radar planned to be launched by June. The idea is to increase the accuracy of wind levels and orientation to avoid so many cancelled operations.

End of masks May 14?

Finally, there appears to have been confirmation of the end of compulsory use of masks in some indoor/closed facilities. Hidden in and among other recent Regional Government announcements was confirmation that they had decided to maintain the rules for containing the Covid-19 pandemic until May 14. Presumably, this means that they will not be required after that point.

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