New Pingo Doce supermarket

… planned for Santo António in Funchal

The Diario reports that the company Lidinvest, from the Pingo Doce group, has just acquired a 3,000 square metre plot of land in the parish of Santo António, which, it seems, will serve for a new supermarket. The property was owned by the Region and was put up for public auction, having been
sold for €1 million.

TAP adds winter flights

The same newspaper reports that TAP has announced that it will add flights to its winter schedule, between 30 October and 25 March 2023, moving to seven flights daily between Funchal and Lisbon.

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2 thoughts on “New Pingo Doce supermarket”

  1. I’ve corrected the english Wikipedia entry which said that Santo António was simultaneously in the northeastern part of the Funchal municipality and northwest of central Funchal !

    [I hope the ! above us justified – I’ve made it the northwestern part of the municipality.]

    The comment about lots of parking space may well be right, it depends exactly where the plot is and how much of the space they are prepared to give up for parking. Accessibilty would depend on how close it is to ”motorway” exits.


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