Naval vessels changeover

NRP Dragäo arrives in Madeira tomorrow

naval vessel NRP Dragäo
Navio Dragão

The Diario reports that the naval vessel NRP Dragäo arrives in Madeira tomorrow, Saturday, 21st May, to replace the NRP Mondego, which returns to the Lisbon naval base, after fulfilling a mission in RAM.

The naval presence will continue to carry out “missions ‘within the scope of safeguarding human life at sea, patrol and surveillance of maritime spaces, thus contributing to fulfilling the security and authority functions of the State at sea”.

The Dragon NRP is part of a series of five ships that make up the Argos class. This ship is commanded by Second Lieutenant Vasco Jacinto Viegas dos Ramos and has a garrison of 9 soldiers.

Naval vessels changeover 1

On its last days in Madeira, the departing naval vessel NRP Mondego will participate in the Dia da Marinha celebrations – the vessel is open to the public in Funchal today as detailed in a previous post.

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