National Motorcycle Day

… next weekend in Calheta

National Motorcycle Day
Motorcycle enthusiasts in Funchal

JM report that the commemoration of the National Motorcycle Day is scheduled for the 22nd of May, with the traditional motorcyclist caravan and a day full of festivities that will once again be staged in Vila da Calheta.

The Madeira Motorcycle Association representing all affiliated clubs, with Club Motard’s da Madeira as co-organiser, which, as in previous years, replicates the national Motorcyclist Day celebrations in the region, an initiative that has been captivating a large number of enthusiasts. which, year after year, has been increasing the number of motorcycles and motorcyclists participating in what is the largest motorized leisure event at the regional level.

As an example, the last edition of the event, held in Machico, captivated more than 6500 motorcyclists and 3700 motorcycles.

At 3:30 pm, before celebrating the Mass and blessing of the motorcycles, the Mayor of Calheta, Carlos Teles and other invited entities will address the motorcyclists and the general public.

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