Illegal mountain biking

… using unauthorised trails

police looking for illegal mountain biking

JM reports that the Florestal Police have identified a company organising mountain biking tours on unauthorised trails.

It is the second case that has been identified by the criminal police body.

The Forestry Police has identified a company that organizes “BTT tours without the respective license and on an unauthorized trail in the Serras de Santo António, municipality of Funchal”, revealed the Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change in the same note, SRAAC points out that “this infringement, in the case of legal persons, can amount to 5,000 euros”.

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1 thought on “Illegal mountain biking”

  1. They ought also to start fining the licensed tours for excess noise.

    I was walking along the side of a quiet wide dirt track near Santo da Serra and heading away from a levada when – with both loud music and completely unnecessary repeated blaring of horns – two 4×4 jeeps jammed pack with tourists came along the road.

    I’d prefer them to be fined than mountain bikers.


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