Hotels are near capacity

with 60,000 tourists in Madeira

Flower Festival Parade with hotels near capacity

The Diario reports online that Regional President Miguel Albuquerque today announced that hotels are near capacity in the Region for the weekend of the Flower Festival. Meanwhile, Tourism Secretary Eduardo Jesus said on the sidelines of the Flower Procession that “we currently have more than 60,000 tourists in RAM staying in hotels, local accommodation and on the ships that are visiting us, which means a number that we have no memory of having reached until today”.

According to the official, this volume of visitors represents more than a quarter of the regional population. 7,800 seats were sold out for the stands on the route of the Allegoric Parade to witness 13 troupes and 1400 extras

“We have many more nationalities here than those we work with directly. Therefore, direct and indirect flights, charters and regular flights, are having this effect that we are witnessing today”, he said, adding that it is an objective of the Regional Government to have a special operation for Canada, which the pandemic came to disrupt.

“We made the United States first. We have not lost sight of Canada, but it will be in time”, guaranteed the secretary, who revealed that the operation to the USA “is going very well”. “The US operation has increased significantly in recent weeks, which is also a good sign, and we already have operators who have taken a firm position in this same operation, looking for a recovery from October”, he added.

Regarding the Flower Festival, the guardian of the tourism and culture department said that “the satisfaction is notorious” and the enthusiasm is great, after two years of more restrained festivities, this one functioning as a kind of “revenge” on Covid-19.

“The Flower Festival, due to its importance, it is important to maintain this activity. That’s what we did,” he clarified.

Eduardo Jesus further emphasized that this event is not the same in Ukraine, with several messages and appeals for peace in the world that punctuate this event.

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7 thoughts on “Hotels are near capacity”

  1. We will be in June, after a long wait. Sorry if not correct blog but can anyone give us some info. about entry to Madeira from UK. Can’t make sense of what is on line, on the one hand no restrictions but advised completion of locator form . HELP!!!

    • No restrictions, only a valid passport, Madeira safe app is finished. They advice that you could do the registration but nobody will do it. Have a nice and safe stay in Madeira, we will be there in June, too !!! Kind regard, Claudia

      • By then the wearing of masks indoors should be dropped(except possibly hospitals and medical locations).

        Might be worth bringing a copy of your vaccination certificates though.

  2. Good to see hotels prosperous again after such a terrible last two years, hope not to many more built however, be a shame to ruin lovely Madeira. Hope to visit soon myself. Michael Sheffield U.K


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