Flower Festival program

Full details of the Flower Festival events

Flower Festival program

As the Visit Madeira website points out, the Flower Festival is about much more than the main parade this coming Sunday afternoon. It is a cultural event associated with local traditions, whether through the performances of folk groups or through the construction of the beautiful floral displays, an event filled with lots of entertainment activities, such as music concerts and variety shows, to be held from last night to May 29th. The full program is available to download as a pdf below.

Two headline events of the Flower Festival take place this weekend, described on the tourist authority’s website below:

“On Saturday morning, children are invited to place a flower on the “Wall of Hope”, in a symbolic appeal for Peace. Accompanied by family members, the little ones carry their flower, probably picked in the backyard of their houses, so as to fulfil this tradition which dates back to 1979”

“Wall of Hope” – Praça do Município –  May 7th (10:00 am)

“On Sunday afternoon, downtown Funchal is filled with music and colour from the pompous parade of floats that harmoniously combine multiple floral species with decorations full of creativity. This is the Allegoric Flower Parade, one of the most outstanding and most awaited occasions of the entire event, both by visitors and residents, which has been taking place since 1979. This initiative, which is guided by the magnificence and sumptuousness of the floats and costumes of approximately a thousand five hundred participants, mostly children, amply adorned with countless, varied and magnificent floral species, who parade to the sound of happy musical themes and performing choreographies, while spreading a soft floral aroma along the way”

Allegoric Parade – May 8th (4.30 pm)

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