Eco park bees produce 60 kilos of honey

World Bee Day celebrated

Beehives in the Eco Park

JM reports that the 15 beehives that were installed in the Ecological Park above Funchal, in the last quarter of 2021, in a partnership between the Funchal City Council (CMF) and the Madeira and Porto Santo Beekeepers Association – AAMPS, produced about 60 kilos of honey, extracted by six beekeepers.

This information was released by the municipality, within the scope of the World Bee Day, which was celebrated yesterday, having recalled that this initiative aims to contribute to the promotion of the biodiversity of the Ecological Park, to the preservation of the bee and to the dissemination of the activity as a reference for the sustainability of forest ecosystems.

In this regard, the councillor for the environment of the CMF, Nádia Coelho, said that in addition to the production of honey, which aims to promote the potential of the flora of the Ecological Park, the municipality also aims to carry out technical-pedagogical activities, within the scope of education/ formation of the regional beekeeping sector, and sensitize children, youth and adults to the importance of pollinators.

Nádia Coelho further emphasized that this project is still at an embryonic stage and that it has a lot of potential, leaving open the possibility, in the future, of other initiatives being developed.

In turn, the councillor also recalled that bees are essential living beings for the maintenance of biodiversity, highlighting their pollination function, which covers about 90% of wild flowering plant species and 75% of food crops in the world. world on which we depend daily.

“Currently, these insects known throughout the world are at high risk of extinction, due to impacts of anthropogenic origin, such as the excessive use of pesticides, the increase of monocultures and global warming, factors to which bees are particularly sensitive”, he warns. the note sent to the editor.

It should also be noted that, to mark the date, this year, in partnership with AAMPS, the Ecological Park promoted an activity to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, which allowed around 50 participants, aged between 9 and 15 years, to know the morphology of the bee, the procedures and logistics of the beekeeping activity. In the end, they had the opportunity to participate in a tasting activity of the various types of honey produced, in Funchal’s own Ecological Park and in other places.

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