easyJet debut stirs interest

Ryanair team also visits Porto Santo

easyJet debut

The Diario reports that yesterday saw easyJet debut in Porto Santo, as previously first reported here. The low-cost airline will establish two direct connections per week between Francisco Så Carneiro Airport (Porto) and Ilha Dourada until the 30th of October, in an operation that provides around 19 thousand seats during the IATA summer.

easyJet also plan flights to the Golden Isle from Lisbon starting next month.

Naturally excited, the mayor of Porto Santo hopes that the arrival of easyJet will open the door, or in this case the runway, to other low-cost airlines, with the mayor advanced that there was some interest expressed by another company that debuted in the month spent on Madeiran soil.

More hotel units?

As for the number of beds available on the island, the mayor assumes that there will have to be a management of supply according to demand, but adds that “some proposals and indications have already arrived in the Municipality of Porto Santo so that there are more hotel units”.

Regarding the pressure expected in the summer, “today is the great example” that this is not what the Mayor of Porto Santo, Nuno Batista wants.

On the issue of travel being more accessible with the easyJet debut in
Porto-Santense territory, the mayor even jokes by saying that this is not
really his area, but what he can say is that the beginning of this
operation “has already brought a decrease in what were the abnormal
and absurd prices that practiced”, not only for “people who wanted
to go to Porto Santo”, but also for the locals to “leave” the island.
“TAP has already reduced prices and has already introduced
promotional campaigns. The competition helps and it’s a good thing
they arrived. We have to make the easyJet operation last and not just an
isolated moment”, he stressed.

8 thoughts on “easyJet debut stirs interest”

  1. such a shame , soon all you will see arriving on the ferry will be tall large resort’s , they will lined up all along the sand dunes .. lets see how long the dunes are protected for … ” Funny about that digger seen a couple of weeks ago on the dunes ” I wonder whether someone was telling porky pies ???? ….. it won’t just be the hotels and rentals popping up it will be the rest of the infrastructure as well .. eg .. Restaurant’s ,supermarket ,health center and the list could go on …

    • There is a paradox when you sell a holiday destination as “unspoilt” or “sustainable” to capture more visitors but then you don’t create any limitations in the number of visitors. If you visit the Azores June to October it is pretty much “spoilt” and it nearly impossible to get to Sete Cidades or Furnas as it is full of people and cars. It is pretty much unspoilt the rest of the year because it is cold, rainy, windy and foggy and therefore it doesn’t get many visitors.

        • Yes, but am I right saying that if you visit a place specifically because it is” unspoilt” aren´t you making it a step further to being “spoilt”. Sorry, I always had a problem with tourists identifying the main problem of a holiday destination to be “have other tourists”.

  2. Cheap flights in and out of Porto Santo will bring people to the island locals will benefit from this tourism boost any idea when Ryanair will fly in ?

  3. Porto Santo is more like the Algarve than Madeira with its long sandy beach. It could be developed sympathetically and benefit from a sustainable tourist uptick that would be good for locals and tourists or it could, god forbid, end up a bit like Albufeira. Learning the lessons of the past will be key but humans are not very good at that are we.


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