Curral das Freiras Public Hearing

… over proposed cable car

Curral das Freiras viewpoint
Boca da Corrida viewpoint in Jardim da Serra

JM reports that yesterday, the CDU presented a Public Hearing initiative on the impacts and incidences of a possible implementation of the cable car system in Curral das Freiras/Jardim da Serra. The CDU is an alliance between the communist party and the ecologist party (“Greens”).

In an action that took place at the viewpoint of Boca da Corrida, in the parish of Jardim da Serra, Ricardo Lume made it known that this public hearing will take place in the Main Hall of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, on June 4, at 4 pm.

In this regard, the deputy informed that, within the scope of this initiative, which is promoted on the occasion of World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, the party is inviting several organizations, institutions and personalities related to environmental issues, with the ecological movement and with the technical-scientific studies of geology and risk prevention “so that they can intervene and bring their skills and analytical contributions to the public interest debate on what is at stake in the projected Curral das Freiras cable car system”.

“The construction of an infrastructure of this size in a protected area brings environmental impacts that should not be underestimated, which can jeopardize the Environmental heritage of our Region, namely the fauna and flora. It is necessary to consider the cost-benefit of implementing a Park of Radical Adventures that includes a cable car between Curral das Freiras and Boca da Corrida of this magnitude, which will cost more than 35 million euros, in an area with geological specificities that may affect the safety of the populations”

Ricardo Lume, CDU Deputy

The analysis of the cost-benefit of this project for the populations of the target locations and its impact on the local economy are fundamental issues to be debated and it is in this sense that we will promote the broadest debate on this matter and we invite all the interested population to participate in the Public Hearing that we will promote on June 4th at 4 pm in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira”, he concluded.

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