Cabo Girão mirador to cost €1.50

500,000 visitors annually

Cabo Girão

As reported here a few days ago, the headline of today’s edition of JM reports that the Cabo Girão viewpoint, which receives half a million visitors annually, will have paid admission of €1.50 from Monday to Saturday. Access is free on Sundays and holidays, as well as for children up to 12 years old.

“Wall of Hope”

Also highlighted in the same edition are the children who filled the square with hope. Hundreds of children once again filled the Praça do Município, encouraging thousands of people who wanted to accompany the elaboration of the Muro da Esperança.  There were 800 schoolchildren who took part, from eight schools in the Region – photos of the event here from The Diario by photographer Rui Silva.

Today, at 4:30 pm, the main Allegoric Parade begins – details and full program again on a previous post.

2 thoughts on “Cabo Girão mirador to cost €1.50”

  1. Firstly it was charging for entrance to Quinta Vigia gardens now an entrance fee to Cabo Girao but not on Sundays (perhaps because they have to pay to collect the money). It strikes me as pure greed and Milking the tourists. Are the toilets included in the 1-50 fee?

  2. as far as i know Jim they have been charging to to access this area for the last few years as i know and you always have paid 50 cents to use the toilets , a person sit’s on the doorway .. in less it has changed ???? ….


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