Cabo Girão entrance charge?

Government plan to charge for access to viewpoint

Cabo Girão headline in JM

Rogério Gouveia, the regional Finance supervisor, has admitted to JM that the Regional Government is considering the possibility of charging entrance charges for access to the Cabo Girão viewpoint (video below).

This has already happened in the trout project in Ribeiro Frio and is planned on the route to Cais do Sardinha.

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7 thoughts on “Cabo Girão entrance charge?”

  1. Madeira Regional Government will never learn. Let’s rip off the tourists more – first they are ripped off on exorbitant air fares, taxis’, the Funchal Market and now the viewing sites. Then when the tourists stop coming they will blame someone else. They will never compete with the world market with this small mindedness.

      • You have to look after patrons who make up a large slice of the GDP. If they feel valued they will not only visit frequently but be happy to spend when they visit.

        If they do not feel valued they may look elsewhere and you have lost them forever…

    • rip-off in air fares? I did not know the regional government owned airlines like easyjet, jet2, tui, BA, etc. Oh wait, those are all British. Who is ripping off who then?

  2. After some considerable time; I’m falling out of love with Madeira. It’s charm is rapidly dissapearing as fast as new monstrous over development emerges.

  3. I think that tourists should be charged a bit extra on a daily basis for the use of the clean, pure Madeiran air

    It just makes sense do apply this charge don’t you think?

  4. With low cost airlines such as Ryanair and others now flying to Madeira soon Porto Santo its only a matter of time we will have affordable all inclusive full hotels instead of over priced empty expensive hotels.


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