Billionaire’s Yacht “Nautilus” arrives

Superyacht “Nautilus” visits Madeira


Jaime has been in touch to let the blog know that he had witnessed the superyacht belonging to the owner of Patek Phillipe arrive – the “Nautilus” is apparently named after the Swiss watchmaker’s most famous watch (retail at $35,000, though a special one allegedly sold for $400,000 recently).

Theirry Stern is believed to have a net worth of $3 billion – and the superyacht worth an estimated $90 million. It is arriving from Bermuda – replicated from their local newspaper report below.

“The 239.50-foot long superyacht Nautilus recently paid a visit to Bermuda, with the luxury yacht seen in the east end”

“The Yachtcharterfleet website said, “The 239.50ft/73m Custom expedition yacht was delivered from the Picchiotti shipyard in 2014 and bears an exterior styled by Philippe Briand whilst her refreshing interior has been designed by Remi Tessier”

“Setting out to create a superyacht which would exude Zen and possess a greener carbon footprint, the multi-award-winning superyacht features a range of luxury amenities arranged around a design which privileges both space and comfort. Powered by hybrid diesel-electric plants, and including a dynamic positioning system, the high volume superyacht is also exceptionally quiet both when underway and at anchor”

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  1. According to the port website the launch should have arrived at 3pm 10th and left at 4:30pm today, Wednesday. It now looks like they are awaiting the departure of the Ventura at 4:30pm so they can tie up.


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