Bar O Avô reopening

More help still needed

Maurice has been in touch to remind blog readers that, as they may be aware, the highly popular Bar O Avô in the centre of Funchal has been closed since “local character” Ricardo Sousa died suddenly in the New Year. His wife Fatima and her son, Filipe, are getting close to reopening the bar but still need to raise about €1,000 to pay some bills and purchase stock etc. If you feel that you could help by sending some money, which will be returned, please let us know via “contact” on the menu bar above.

Any loans/donations will be handled directly by Maurice and the blog remain at arms-length, although Admin has to admit he may have frequented the establishment on occasions!

News of the possible reopening was first reported here.

Thank you in advance from Maurice.

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  1. I’ll not actually handle the money as such but will send bank account details to anyone who kindly responds. I will then let Filipe know who has sent some money and how much.


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