24/7 Madeira news service now live

Rolling Madeira news service relaunched

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A fresh version of the madeiraisland.news website has been launched today. The latest Madeira news website has been undergoing testing over the last week and appears, although not perfect, to be working well.

The partially automated website is now collecting much more in the way of images and multimedia as well as news reports. During tests the website was consistently picking up more than 60 news stories pertaining to the archipelago every 24 hours, presenting them, translated, in chronological order on a rolling basis.

The website uses the latest Google translate and the results can be amusing on occasions, but again the technology has improved considerably over the last couple of years. The completely rebuilt website now provides translation into 10 major European languages.

Unlike other websites, the shortened excerpts that appear on the Madeira news website are all directly linked back to their original source, where, if more information is desired, the original articles can be read in full.

Initially, there will be no facility to post Comments – those are better here for the time being, where it is easier to follow the thread due to the lower activity rate. A new way of organising Comments is being developed.

COVID-19 in Madeira: updates – yesterday is the latest – can be found in an earlier post

Solidarity with Ukraine

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A “Stand With Ukraine” page is being automatically shown to all traffic coming to this website originating in Russia

8 thoughts on “24/7 Madeira news service now live”

    • Admin has got some slaves locked in a back room scouring for news and doing the translation 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Seriously though if viewing on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone in you might like to choose the desktop site in browser settings.

  1. Traditional blogs will have to react very quickly to compete with the likes of this – they will have to add value by creating their own original material.

    • The site finds news stories of interest. As it constantly updates the stories get pushed down the list fairly quickly. Consequently, any comments or discussion of a story soon goes too.

      Comments can be added and Admin will decide on that later.


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