Wallet with €500 returned to owner in São Miguel

Finders travel 20 kilometres to locate owner

wallet with euros

Correio dos Açores reports that a couple who found a wallet with more than €500 in a large commercial area in Ribeira Grande, made every effort to find and deliver the lost goods to their owner in Lagoa.

According to what he told the newspaper, José (fictitious name) went shopping at the supermarket, paid for what he bought, put his wallet in a space in the shopping cart and went to the car. In this space of time, he didn’t realize that the wallet had gone missing – he clearly had the notion that he had his wallet in his possession because he habitually pays for purchases with a credit card.

Completely unaware, he made the trip to his house with the purchases and, soon after, went out again. In this space of time, Maria and Fernando (fictitious names) knocked on the door of the residence in Lagoa and his sister answered. “We came to deliver this wallet which, from the documents, we found that it belonged to a Mr. José residing at this address”, said the couple and José’s sister was not sure what to do or say. She confirmed that, in fact, José lived in that house, that he had arrived with the groceries and left immediately afterwards. 
On top of this, the couple reportedly had to cope with two dogs who wouldn’t let them into the living area. Fernando explained that they had opened the wallet to try to identify who it belonged to and, in one of the documents, he saw the name of its owner and the address. He added that he was not expecting anything in return and that his intention “was to deliver the wallet to its owner”.

José’s sister thanked him and called him to inform him that a couple had come to the house to deliver his wallet. It was only then that he found his it missing. The couple explained that they found the residence through the documentation and did not want to identify themselves. José (owner of the wallet) made a point of telling the journalist about this situation so that the readers of ‘Correio dos Açores’ do not “spend the week reading only news about thefts and robberies” and also know that there are “serious people” who are capable of driving around 20 kilometres to return a lost wallet with more than €500 inside to its owner, using Google Maps and asking the neighbours on the street, as the house has no number.

José, on the occasion, took the opportunity to thank the couple who did not identify themselves and remain anonymous. “It’s just that”, as he told the journalist, “if he hadn’t been lucky enough to have his wallet found by serious people, he’d have practically lost almost his monthly salary. He related that on another occasion, he had lost a small case with computer material and various contents, including documents – luckily no money on this occasion – and whoever found it had kept everything, not even taking it to the police station.

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  1. … Very thoughtful and considerate of him to spend probably half a day to personally locate him rather than just handing it to the police … I’ve never needed my Faith in People restoring though? It’s always been there !! …

    • Those good people might be atheists.
      Maybe they did not return the wallet out of fear for burning eternaly in hell.
      Maybe they returned it because that is what decent people do.


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