€120m port expansion

400-metre extension of the south pier

port expansion headline in JM

The news that makes today’s photographic highlight on the front page of JM, is that the Funchal port expansion could cost €120 million. The 400-metre extension of the south pier could cost €20 million more than initially planned. The preliminary studies for the work will be concluded after the summer, Regional President Miguel Albuquerque revealed yesterday to the newspaper.

Jury critical of “Capital of Culture” bid

As well as the potential port expansion, JM also headlines that the pre-selection report of the 12 Portuguese cities that competed for the European Capital of Culture 2027 excluded Funchal’s candidacy because it detected “significant deficiencies” in the project validated by the previous Executive, led by the former Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia

“Lack of sense of innovation, exaggerated bet on the traditional, lack of clarity in the partnerships established and absence of a marketing and communication plan” are some of the shortcomings identified by the judges as Funchal’s bid failed.

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12 thoughts on “€120m port expansion”

  1. Perhaps Funchal should also be looking at the airport…? I was there on Monday & there were 6 planes in, that has a potential for a 1000 people grid locked in the airport, from check in, to join the que for the que to security & the 2 hr que for passport checks. No seats were available anywhere, standing room only. This is getting all too regular, yes Madeira is nice however it wouldn’t take much for me to go elsewhere… Shape up Funchal, get your begging bowl out to the EU for some serious airport extension…!

  2. Yes . I totally agree with comments on the airport . we qued for 2 hours at the baggage drop when we left the island in February . lots of elderly people there and as you point out nowhere to sit down and as you also say you only tolerate this for so long

  3. 120M Euros for 400 meters,

    How much does APRAM pull in annually in port fees, does it even Net 5M Euros?
    I understand that you have cruise ship tourists buying trinkets in Funchal and contributing to the cities economy

    Seriously though, is APRAM not a privately run company?

  4. Maybe the government should look at purchasing the run down empty houses and shops in town, and maybe also look at repairing some of the broken streets that have pot holes in them, after all if they can’t afford to maintain what they already have then what is the point to just add extra expense to the maintenance costs, but alas it’s probably all about a nice fat cheque from the EU.

    • Portuguese law holds personal property, rights and freedoms in high regard,

      The properties you mention can each belong to multiple individuals and as such cannot be forcibly purchased by any government body
      An exception can be made if said property poses risks to citizens such as abandoned land needing clearing to prevent forest fires etc

      Inheritance law is the main reason for all the ruin’s across the territory

      super omnia respiciunt

  5. The airport is far more important than the port for continuous revenue for the island. There have been a lot of grumbles about moving through the airport – in both directions – and lots have said they will not return. We have been coming to Madeira since 2015 and year on year it had taken longer to progress.
    Sort out the airport for continuous visitor happiness throughout the year.
    All cruise passengers do is buy a few souvenirs etc – very few eat in local restaurants as their ships await their return with kitchens laden with food

  6. In recent years it is like the mantra in Madeira legislation and planning has been More, MOre, MOORE and BIGGER, more tourists and more of Theis money. Where is the concideration for the lokal population and culture? When will Funchal be transformed to an amusememt park? Recently a Cruise ship came in with 6.500 people on board all rager to see Madeira/Funchal. Imagine 5-6 of these ships made possible by an axrension of the harbou. Almost 40.000 people pouring into Funchal for the day. Scarry right? No?

    I totally agree on putting the money into improving the airport making it more pleasant to arrive and leave the beautiful Madeira.


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