Celebrity Edge debuts tomorrow

“Game-changing” cruise ship heads for Funchal

Celebrity Edge

Jaime has been in touch to confirm that he is pretty sure that the Celebrity Edge will be making her Funchal debut arriving at 07:00 tomorrow morning, from Fort Lauderdale Florida on a “re-positioning” cruise to the Mediterranean where she will spend the summer before returning to the US Florida – Caribbean market for the winter season.

As part of the Royal Caribbean Group, she boasts some innovative features including a “Magic Carpet” movable landing platform for when using tenders to ferry passengers ashore.

From the beginning, Celebrity Edge set a new standard in the industry, as it was the first ship to be fully designed using 3-D technology. Described as “a masterpiece in engineering, Celebrity Edge’s construction shifted the traditional ship layout from an exoskeleton layout to an outward-facing endoskeleton design, “allowing the creation of staterooms with Infinite Verandas”, which not only provide breathtaking views of the ocean but are 23% larger than Celebrity’s current veranda staterooms.

“Grand Plaza”

Designers Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku designed the Grand Plaza, an open, three-story venue inspired by Italian piazzas and the heart of Celebrity Edge. The star of the Grand Plaza is the chandelier in the centre, which features over 3,200 feet of LED lights.

The Celebrity Edge is, in the words of its parent company, “game-changing.” Reviews observe that the truth of that remains to be determined as the game goes on, but critics agree there’s no doubt this new vessel is unlike any other mass-market cruise ship seen before.

Celebrity Edge
Passengers: 2,918 at double occupancy
Total staterooms: 1,467
Crew: 1,320
Decks: 14
Length: 1,004 feet
Beam (width): 128 feet
Tonnage: 129,500
Maiden voyage: November 2018

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Edge debuts tomorrow”

    • The problem with ” free to view ” AIS information websites Maurice, is that the information obtained is from a terrestrial base station and as that information is transmitted from the ship in the form of a VHF radio signal with possibly a range of as little as 20 miles, perfectly adequate for what it was designed to do – sharing position and voyage data with other ships en route for SAR and collision avoidance.

      Once the ship is out of shore based range there is no update and why you are then invited to subscribe to satellite based info for a more up to date position or wait until it comes in range again, even though as with the Celebrity Edge, a passenger ship icon will remain in view on the chart throughout its crossing. It’s just a case of knowing where to look.

      Perhaps you and Bob the Builder could share a subscription to keep us enlightened 😂

  1. So much for cruise mapper sites! The APRAM website is showing her as being in Funchal from 06:30 to 16:00 and the CrewCenter website shows her times as 08:30 to 18:00 and 3373 pax!


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