Brewery workers win “fight”

… but demands continue

THE ECM brewery

JM reports that it was through a statement from the Union of Agricultural Workers and Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industries of Portugal (SINTAB for short!) highlighted that the increase in salaries of all workers at the Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira brewery, as announced, only happened thanks to the “fight” that they have carried out in recent days.

“(If) there was no fight, there were no increases, nor did the company present proposals for increases”, says SINTAB in the statement sent to the press yesterday evening. The document signed by Maria José Afonseca, union leader, states that “regardless of the values that the Administration decided to assign are below the claims and are outside the negotiations of 1.75% and the value of the minimum salary in the company of €750, with effect from January 2022, are the result of the Workers’ Struggle, with the two days of strike held in December 2021 and two days in April 22, for their just demands” , remembering that since 2019 there have been no salary increases at the brewery.

“The values that the company’s management attributed to some workers in March/2022 are also due to the Workers’ Struggle”, says the same press release, noting that the workers have a new plenary meeting scheduled for next Friday. Monday, April 29, 2022, “to analyze the situation”, with a conciliation meeting also scheduled at the Regional Labor Directorate on May 5.

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