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After the post yesterday on Passport Chaos, PeterA was in touch with a link to that well-known publication Somerset Live! , reporting that a British man was turned away from a Ryanair flight to Portugal, despite having a year left until his passport expires. Maurice also warned of the potential pitfill in Comments.

The story is from East Midlands Airport on Monday (April 25), where Ian Glover, 66, was stopped from boarding the aircraft when he tried to check in. The retired chartered surveyor, from Derby, was intending to travel to Faro in Portugal when he was told that his passport’s issue date was not close enough to the end of his travel. He believes passport validity rules need to be made simpler or it could a lot of disappointment for holidaymakers attempting to fly abroad this summer.

Mr Glover renewed his passport early in 2012 when it still had a year to run – that meant his date of expiry was listed as April 2023, meaning he currently has just under a year left on the document.

He explained: “As I was going through the Ryanair check-in desk, she said that your passport isn’t valid. I said it was because I looked at the Government website and it said that it shouldn’t have been issued more than ten years ago, and it was issued in July 2012, which means the 10 years would be July this year, and it also stated you needed to have three months from expiry, and the expiry is the 6th April 2023.

“I’d read stories about people having problems so I’d looked into it but thought I was fine. What Ryanair was saying was that the expiry date is irrelevant, it’s the issue date that matters.

“What they’re saying is that 10 years after the passport expires obviously, but they also want 3 months from the expiry of the date of issue. That’s not being made clear at all.”

Mr Glover was told by the Ryanair worker that the three months after travelling would also need to be within ten years of passport issue. As Mr Glover was planning on returning to the UK in May, three months after this date would be in August 2022, more than ten years after his passport was first issued.

But Mr Glover explained that his real issue is with the Government website that does not make these travel restrictions clear enough. He added: “The Ryanair lady said she was so sorry but she really couldn’t let us through, so she said go and talk with Jet2, which I didn’t really understand, but they said they didn’t follow the same rules and I could buy a ticket from them.

“I asked them to check my passport in-depth and they said that’s all okay and I bought the ticket. Now reading this information, I’m thinking if I get to that border in Portugal, I haven’t read anyone who has been banned from going into Portugal, but it’s very confusing what Ryanair is doing, and I can now understand why, but that Jet2 aren’t. What bothers me most is that it doesn’t make it clear.

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  1. This has caused a lot of confusion. The rules have now been clarified – see this link:

    The article refers to The Independent newspaper. The journalist is Simon Calder, a well known travel expert.


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