50 drone operators now trained

Encumeada rockfall

Encumeada rockfall

Funchal Noticias yesterday reported on a rockfall on the Encumeada pass, complete with the photo opposite. No news on whether the road has been cleared and the area declared safe.

The same source reports that the wonderfully entitled “Nucleus of Initiation to the Operation and Experimentation of Unmanned Aerial Systems of the Operational Command of Madeira (COM)” has, since its creation, trained more than 50 drone operators in Madeira, coming from the Regional Directorate for Spatial Planning, the Institute of Forests and Conservation da Natureza, SANAS (emergency rescue), the Maritime Zone Command of Madeira, the National Maritime Authority, the Regional Civil Protection Service and the Public Security Police.

After the first training session held in 2021, nine editions of Initiation to operation in mini drones have already been held, in which 47 men and 4 women had their first contact with “Mavic2” and “Matrice 300 RTK” systems, equipped with multiple and diverse sensors.

Drone use now commonplace

The operational use of these devices in real missions of public utility/safety has become commonplace throughout Portugal, including surveillance of forest fires in the Alentejo and Algarve in August of last year, and the search for a missing person on the island of Pico,
in the Azores, emphasizes COM.

DJI Matrice 300 drone
DJI Matrice 300

In the Madeira archipelago, they were used in two night patrols to detect forest fires under the Operational Plan to Combat Forest Fires, in 2021 and, recently, in Säo Jorge, in a search of an escarpment.

The operators of the nucleus have collaborated in initiatives related to the collection of digital images in the scope of topographic surveys and calculation of the intensity of maritime currents, a fundamental contribution to support research, innovation and development by regional organizations dedicated to this theme, the organisation adds.

“The mini-drones of the Madeira Operational Command, due to their technical characteristics and technological versatility, for example, high agility and speed of operation and reduced dimensions, are particularly useful in carrying out monitoring, inspection, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in outdoor spaces. where the autonomy and distances to be covered are not a determining factor.

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  1. The use of drones in the hands of skilled operators can be so very useful in search & rescue operations, examining structures such as high rise buildings and viaduct etc etc. Lots of spectacular videos abound on youtube and so on.

    In the hands of irresponsible people they can be a menace. Remember the shutdown of Gatwick! Numerous inbound flights have had drones in near miss situations.


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