4.1 magnitude earthquake

São Miguel earthquakes continue

earthquake map Sao Miguel

The Portugal News reports that an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale was felt yesterday morning with an epicentre about 35 kilometres southeast of Água Retorta, in São Miguel, in the Azores,

The Azores Seismovolcanic Information and Surveillance Center (CIVISA) indicates that the earthquake was felt at 05:57 local time (06:57 in Lisbon and Madeira), according to a statement from the Civil Protection of the Azores.

According to CIVISA, and according to the information available so far, the quake was felt with maximum intensity IV/V on the Modified Mercalli scale in was felt in several parishes of the largest Azorean island. Faial da Terra, Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and Furnas (municipality of Povoação) and in parish of Ponta Garça (municipality of Vila Franca do Campo). The event was also felt with intensity IV in the parishes of Ribeira Seca and S. Pedro (municipality of Vila Franca do Campo) and in the parishes of Nordeste, Achada, Achadinha, Santana and Salga (municipality of Nordeste).

Strangely the authoritative website volcanodiscovery.com has not recorded this quake. According to their latest data, the latest quake in the area was: Mag. 1.8 | São Jorge Island, 2.1 km NE of VelasAzoresPortugal – 7 hours ago (at 7:00 am Weds), and the strongest quake yesterday: Mag. 2.9 | North Atlantic Ocean, 12 km S of Angra do HeroismoAzoresPortugal – 17 hours ago.

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