Work stopped for 8 years

€1.8m hospital extension to become a warehouse

New wing of the old hospital where work stopped 8 years ago
The new part of the old hospital

JM reports that the building next to the old hospital began construction in April 2014, but the work extending downhill to the south and west was interrupted. hospital administration authority SESARAM has justified the stop with PAEF (Portuguese Economic and Financial Adjustment Programme) and announced that the space will be adapted to become a warehouse after work stopped. The €1.8 million project had a European contribution. 

Ruling party congress ends

The PSD-Madeira Congress, which has been dominating the press for the last week, ended yesterday with applause for Miguel Albuquerque who set goals and hopes for a resounding triumph in the next local and Regional elections.

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5 thoughts on “Work stopped for 8 years”

  1. Talk about forward planning, it normally takes longer than this to GET PLANNING, hope they shape better on new hospital programme, anyone got any ideas on how long the new ones been in pipeline,my bet,longer than this has been on stop🙄

    • There is already talk about a suspended development on the site,becoming a warehouse, my experience of other uses for this type of structure,is there isn’t one, they are built to house a specific need and tailored to the specific requirements,also when this was built,asbestos would have been used extensively so its a contaminated building when alterations come into play,is my guess.


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