TUI drops face masks for passengers

… on UK flights ahead of Easter


Jaime reports that after boarding yesterday morning’s Tui to Funchal flight the pilot announced that “from 08:00 today it is no longer a requirement to wear face masks on TUI flights”. His party were also were no longer required to show vaccination certs at check-in, just passports and boarding cards just like the “good old days”. They still had to wear masks for transit through FNC after landing but Residencia papers allowed them to use EU passport gates so no queuing!!

Some exceptions depending on your destinations

The Mirror reports that TUI has scrapped a requirement for passengers to wear face masks on a number of its UK flights, following in the footsteps of Jet2 which made the same move last week. Other airlines such as British Airways, Ryanair and easyJet continue to operate face mask policies for passengers

Tui no longer requires holidaymakers travelling to/from England or Northern Ireland to wear a mask during their flights. The company has issued an update on its travel policy explaining: “It’s no longer a legal requirement for those travelling to or from England or Northern Ireland to wear a face mask during their TUI Airways flight, but – in accordance with UK government and EU Charter guidance – we do still strongly recommend that you do so. Please don’t travel if you’re showing any COVID-19 symptoms, or testing positive – you can change your holiday fee-free under our COVID flexibility policy.”

Anyone aged 12 or overflying on routes to/from Wales or Scotland must still wear a face mask during their flight unless exempt from medical reasons.

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