New hospital on schedule

Tenders submitted for 2nd phase

New hospital site

JM reports that the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, visited today the work of the new Hospital of Madeira which last week completed another important stage.

As provided for in the program of the procedure, on 23 February 2022, the deadline given to interested parties for the submission of proposals to the public tender opened by the Regional Government of Madeira for the construction contract for the “Central and University Hospital of Madeira – 2 .ª Phase – Structures and Exterior Spaces”.

New hospital moves to second stage

This second phase of the project will last for two years and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

“With the first phase of the work taking place within the expected timescale, and this stage of submitting proposals for the second phase of the work having been completed, the Regional Government is also already planning and preparing the tender parts for the following phases, encompassing the finishing works, special technical installations, and the supply of hospital medical equipment”, says the official.

Four proposals were presented, the values ​​of which vary between €74,698,447 and €74,933,333. Three companies declined to submit tenders, although they were interested in so, as they were not able to fit into the base price of the procedure, which was €75,000,000.

The Procedural Jury has already started the analysis of the submitted proposals, with the purpose of presenting, to the Regional Government, a proposal for ordering them, based on the previously defined award criterion.

The first phase of the work on the new hospital is currently being carried out, which corresponds to the execution of excavation and peripheral retaining work that will allow for the implementation of the new hospital building itself. This phase has an approximate value of €23m (including VAT), having started in the first half of 2021, with the conclusion of the works expected in September of this year, when the work of the second phase should start.

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