Naked man walks through Funchal!

Nudist enjoys Santa Catarina Park

Naked man in Funchal

JM reports this afternoon that an individual was seen today walking naked in the middle of Avenida do Infante and in the areas adjacent to Santa Catarina Park, in Funchal.

To the astonishment of many people, the naked man ended up being approached by police officers as he was sitting in the Jardins do Parque area.

The naked man was eventually taken by PSP agents, it seems, to the hospital, where he will be observed by a multidisciplinary medical team.

There is some age-restricted content of the occasion on YouTube

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9 thoughts on “Naked man walks through Funchal!”

  1. Such a liar to say “to the astonishment of people he was harassed by police.” You know too well that the Portuguese police, and the Portuguese people themselves will always act like that because they are extremely phobic of nudity and hate men.


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