Maritime alert added to weather warning

12m waves on north coast

Weather warning to which a maritime alert has been added

The bad weather in the archipelago first forecast here earlier in the week has been joined by a maritime warning after the National Maritime Authority and the Navy issued an alert regarding the worsening of the maritime agitation as of today, in Madeira.

In a note to the maritime alert issued to the media, they indicate that there will be a “considerable worsening of meteorological conditions and maritime agitation in the Madeira archipelago, between 6:00 pm today and 6:00 pm tomorrow, 12 March, and between dawn on Monday, 14 March, and the evening of Tuesday, March 16”.

As a note, they add that the whole maritime region of Portugal will experience worsening maritime conditions between 06:00 Monday and 8:00 Tuesday.

Maritime alert may see 12m waves

In Madeira, the sea wave will be characterized by a wave coming from the Northwest quadrant, with a significant height that can reach a maximum height of 12 metres, with an average period varying between 11 and 19 seconds.

Winds with an average intensity of up to 40km/h and gusts of up to 120km/h are expected, coming from the Northwest quadrant.

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