Locals welcome displaced Ukrainians

Online form created

Locals welcome victims of conflict
Calheta, where Russians and Ukrainians are reportedly paying “small fortunes” for properties

JM reports that an online form has already been created where it is possible for Madeiran and Porto-Santense families, available to voluntarily welcome citizens displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, to express their availability for this purpose.

“We have received contacts from several residents in our Region expressing their willingness to welcome these people, who are at a time of great fragility. To this end, we created a brief questionnaire, which can be filled out very easily and quickly, online, through which we want to know who these volunteer families are, then establishing the necessary bridge with the citizens who need this support”, according to the Regional Secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship, Rita Andrade, during the personalized service session that took place today in a hotel unit and which brought together Ukrainian citizens.

The online form is available on the website of the Regional Secretariat for Social Inclusion and Citizenship (www.madeira.gov.pt/dras), and anyone interested can consult it or fill in the questionnaire by clicking here.

West Coast properties attract interest due to conflict

The Diario reports on a surge in interest in real estate in the Calheta region due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine – with demand coming from both sides of the conflict as people look to relocate to a safer environment. Rental properties in the west coast area are also reported to be experiencing strong demand.

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