easyJet adds Porto Santo from Lisbon

2 flights/week, June – September

Porto Santo airport
Porto Santo airport

The Diario reports that on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the easyJet air base in Lisbon, the airline launched four new routes, including the Lisbon — Porto Santo connection, from 2 June to 25 September. This connection will take place twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays.

In addition, easyJet’s latest expansion will increase its fleet in the Portuguese capital through the addition of a new aircraft based there. This increase means that the airline now has 16 planes operating in Portugal (6 in Lisbon, 6 in Porto, and 4 in Faro), where it already employs a total of more than 550 people, of which 180 are based in Lisbon.

“For 2022, the company also wants to reinforce its commitment to sustainability with the public, defending the importance of transforming aviation into an increasingly sustainable industry. (as advocated by Race To Zero, a campaign that easyJet recently joined.) In addition, taking consistent measures in its operations that are increasingly
efficient and presenting the journey to net zero in the coming months are also the company’s objectives for this year”, the company says in a statement.

easyJet adds Porto Santo from Lisbon 1

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  1. Easyjet and the goverments race-to-zero will be going no where now that the majority of us aren’t able to afford these rapidy rising costs for household energy, basic foods, transport costs and a rapid decline in our standard of living.


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