“A week of resistance and courage”

Madeirans in solidarity with Ukrainians

JM headline about resistance

JM observes that seven days after Russia invaded Ukraine, the world is moved by the resistance of a people who remain steadfast in defending the country. The newspaper reports that signs of destruction are evident in Kiev, Kharkiv, Kherson or Odessa, and about 900,000 people have already left the territory and there are hundreds of deaths and injuries. 

JM believes that the boycott of Russia has united the international community. Today, there is a new round of negotiations in Poland between the governments of Zelensky and Putin. JM comments that Madeirans are in solidarity with Ukrainians.

The Diarios front page features a story that there are 60 Ukrainian tourists who were on vacation in Madeira who decided to stay in the Region, given the serious situation their country is going through, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the resistance being displayed by their countrymen.

"A week of resistance and courage" 1

The Regional Government has ensured full support in obtaining residence and work for these people who are effectively detained here, as well as their families. The photo features a delegation that was received yesterday at Quinta Vigia,

The same newspaper reports that Russian citizens who are stranded in Madeira due to the closure of national airspace for Russian flights must return to their country in the coming days. Apparently,
their repatriation will be done in consultation with the tour operator that brought them to Madeira on vacation. Stops are planned in some countries that still allow air connections with Russia.

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    • The Madeiran authorities seem to accepting them as either long-term refugees or permanent asylum seekers. Either way, they are being settled.

  1. Putin may have shut down most of the means of information about what is really going on in Ukraine, but he can’t control Russian tourists, who have read, seen and heard the situation for themselves. Let’s hope they spread that around their friends and family, albeit discretely, so they don’t get arrested and imprisoned for 15yrs.

  2. Another knife in Putin’s back. Sabre, an aviation IT company that provides the passenger booking system to Aeroflot has pulled the system making life exceedingly difficult for Aeroflot. They haven’t pulled the flight management systems yet so the safety of flights is not affected but, booking passengers etc onto flights will have to be done on paper.

  3. ******** Update

    A flight taking the Russian tourists home took off at 12:25 to Antalya in Turkey. Just how they get to Moscow from there has not been made clear.

    Let’s hope they tell their families and friends about what has been happening in the Ukraine. The Russian media is just pushing out Putin’s lies.


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