Vaccination Centre marks 1st anniversary

Funchal Vaccination Centre administers 500,000 doses

Funchal Vaccination Centre and staff

Yesterday marked a year since the facilities of Madeira Tecnopolo began to serve as a post for the vaccination of the Madeiran population against COVID-19.

According to a note sent to newsrooms by the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection, at the Funchal Vaccination Centre there were in total 360 ​​days to vaccinate without interruptions.

“In these facilities, many commemorative dates were marked, such as Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas, among many others. The only days the centre was closed were: 24, 25, 26, 31 December and 1 January 2022. “Every day the doors opened very early and only closed when the last user completed the 30 minutes after vaccination, often hours after the official closing time.”

In all, more than 500,000 vaccines have already been administered by the multidisciplinary team that is at this inoculation post every day.

“From the first day, this team coordinated by nurse Ana Gouveia remained united, cohesive and very friendly. Since that day, they realized that they were fulfilling a great mission. The global protection of the population was very important and after 360 days they contributed to the fact that today Madeira has a vaccination rate of 90%”, concludes the same note.

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