Local restrictions – latest update

Updated restrictions from February 2022

Panorama of Madeira where new restrictions came into force this week

Since the government has held a press conference on Monday to announce the latest restrictions, managing to create yet more confusion, widely-respected Madeira expert Peter Groen has analysed the corresponding text of the official publication, JORAM, to establish the latest rules and restrictions pertaining to conduct and procedures on the island (both locals and tourists). This is pretty much the same detail that appeared here earlier this week, but more succinctly written!

Peter has re-written the article about the Madeira Covid restrictions, which was previously featured here: It is replicated below with his permission and can also be found on his website: The comments in italics are Peter’s own thoughts.

Travelling to Madeira and Porto Santo

Anyone travelling to Madeira or Porto Santo from anywhere outside the Autonomous Region of Madeira needs to be bearer of one of the following documents:

  • a complete EU digital covid certificate with 3 doses or a document that is proof of vaccination with 3 doses, with the last dose being 14 days old or more;
  • an incomplete EU digital certificate with 2 doses or a document that is proof of vaccination with 2 doses, with the ast dose being at least 14 days old;
  • an incomplete EU digital certificate with 1 dose or a document proving being vaccinated with one dose, with thevaccination being at leaast 14 days old;
  • a proof of being recovered from covid-19 in the last 180 days.

Children up to 11 years of age are exempt from these rules.

The test facilities at the airport that were in place before February 1st will remain in operation during a transitional period until February 6, 2022.

The text does not state anywhere that providing a PCR-test can serve as a substitute for vaccination, so, according to this governmental resolution, if you are not vaccinated and you have no proof of being recovered, you cannot travel to Madeira. I wonder.


It is recommended to create an account in https://madeirasafe.com

It looks like creating an account in Madeirasafe is no longer compulsory. This could mean that the covid controls at the airport will disappear altogether. We will have to wait until next week to see if that actually happens.


Wearing a mask is compulsory for anyone of 6 years and older in indoors and outdoors public spaces if maintaining a social distance of 1.5 metres is not practicable.

If you have a medical document stating that you cannot wear a face mask you are exempt.

So, yes, this means that you may have to wear a mask in the street, but only if it is too crowded to maintain enough distance. As usual: use your common sense.

You are also exempt if ´the activities you are doing are incompatible with wearing a mask´

I could not help but laugh out loud when I read that. Because in English it simply says something like ´you can take off your mask before taking a bite´. Or a sip. Maybe you could add: ´take off your mask before kissing anyone´.

You also don´t have to wear a mask if you are of the same household and are close together, with no one else nearby.

Well, duh.

Old rules, merely recommendations now

If you visit a shop or another business:

  • disinfect your hands at the entrance
  • keep your 1.5 metres distance
  • stick to respiratory etiquette (don´t sneeze or cough in anyone´s face but in your elbow, use disposable hankies et cetera)

Vaccination recommendations

  • a fourth dose of the vaccine is recommended to anyone over 16 with auto-immune problems, cancer patients, dialyses patients or people with transplanted organs
  • the vaccination efforts of the health services will be reinforced, urging anyone over 11 to be vaccinated

Isolation and quarantine

  • If you have been infected with covid (with our without symptoms), it is compulsory to stay at home for 5 days. Without symptoms, you can return to your normal activities on day 6, without a test being required.
  • If you have been in contact with anyone who is infected, there is no need for isolation if you are fully vaccinated; if you are not or not fully vaccinated you do not have to isolate, but you need to take a test (antigen) on the 5th day (free in the designated locations).

These rules and restrictions also apply to school children of any age and health or education professionals.

It is recommended to use the s-alerta.pt/cidadão app.

This is ridiculous. The legal document calls this an app. It is not. It is a web page in Portuguese only. Where many Madeirans have mobile phones but not necessarily a computer at home, this should indeed be an app. I could see when I did my search on my smartphone, that I was not the first to do this search. Sigh.


The compulsory weekly mass testing has ended.

Typical again. There is not, and there has not been compulsory mass testing. This is one of the points where the official legal and governmental document is incorrect. I think it is scandalous that the Madeiran people are manipulated into believing there has been this obligation. This is not the first time we have seen this happen, and it will certainly not be the last. All the more reason to take nothing that comes from this government at face value but always check your facts.

Free tests remain available at the designated facilities for anyone with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher.

New rule for public establishments

The government states that it is now compulsory to be fully vaccinated including a booster jab for visiting restaurants, bars, the gym, sports or cultural activities and social or recreational activities.

If you are not fully vaccinated, you can still go but you do need a weekly antigen test at your own expense.

This is new. The former rules named this as a recommendation, now they call it an obligation. They do not require that the establishments’ management checks on this, or at least, it does not say so. I don t think any bar or restaurant will check you on this, as they have lost enough income already and certainly won want to take the risk of losing more. Shops are not mentioned, so it looks like one does not need anything to visit a shop.

The document states that not complying with these rules and restrictions is punishable

The document closes with the annulment of any older rule and restrictions that contradicts these new ones.

Whatever I or anyone else think of it, this is what has been presented to us by the regional government. If anything, it is less clear and more confusing than ever. I can´t believe they have not thought of unvaccinated travellers. Madeira has been thinking, before all, of facilitating holidaymakers, and this would exclude a certain number of potential visitors.

Also, before I did anything else this morning, I checked the official website of the Madeiran ministry of tourism. Typically, they have not updated their old page on the covid measures. Useless lot.

I have deleted the former texts and updates, as they have become obsolete. I think that, as usual, we shall have to wait and see how this confusing document comes into effect and how the measures pan out. But experience teaches us that, as a rule, the measures will not spoil your stay in beautiful Madeira.

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found in an earlier post

23 thoughts on “Local restrictions – latest update”

  1. I suspect their phrasing is ambiguous on purpose. The way they use the word “alternative” could mean EITHER “one of the listed options” OR “as an alternative to testing”, bit the word “testing is not mentioned, possibly on purpose.

    Someone (on the other English site) checked with SESARAM and the response was that “unvaccinated” people require a negative antigen test within 48 hours of arrival. Or possibly arrive with such a test, no older than 48 hours.

    In short, what I’m making from this cross-referencing is that tests for jab-free arrivals are still accepted, but they “conveniently” omitted to mention it explicitly in the new so-called “regulations”. “So-called” because they are illegal and unconstitutional.

    • Indeed some of the new rules seem illegal, though they may be legally covered by the ongoing state of calamity which still exists and which gives the regional government extra-constitutional powers, though not unlimited. If you read the official governmental JORAM text you can see that the first page completely consists of paragraphs beginning with ´considering´ followed by some legal article. I could not be bothered with finding out what was in them but they clearly need all the legal cover they can find.
      I totally agree that they use quite manipulative texts to get their way. As I write in my article, with this government, you need to fact-check everything they publish. Anyway, I did not write the article to start a discussion about the legality of it all, I just wanted to give a plain resume of the contents, readable for us, mere mortals.

      • Grateful for your work as always.

        Just saying that they are intentionally using ambiguous language, possibly misleading people to assume that non-injected people cannot enter Madeira, which is incorrect, at least as per SESARAM.

        Thanks again, Peter.

      • Oh, and Peter, there is no state of “Calamity” in Madeira, but of “Contingency”.

        But not even the sate of “Calamity” can legitimize such unconstitutional restrictions, perhaps only a state of “Emergency”…

      • Additionally, if we carefully read the document in “legalese”, it’s phrased in such manner that all of it is still only “recommendations”.

        The use of the word “alternative” can be interpreted to mean that the jab papers are an alternative (it doesn’t say to what, but it can mean an alternative to testing, or to nothing at all).

        Also, a medical affidavit (sworn medical self-declaration) that one’s medical condition is “incompatible with wearing masks” – should theoretically be more than enough to remove the face-diapers.

  2. From JM-Madeira:


    The Liberal Initiative, in a statement sent to our newsroom, accuses the Regional Government and in particular, the Regional Secretary for Health, Pedro Ramos, of arrogance, ensuring that the ruler persists in illegality. At stake are some of the measures announced on the morning of this Monday, to combat the pandemic.

    “We assume that, once again, the announced measures are under the legal regime of the Civil Protection System of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, approved by Regional Legislative Decree no. , in turn, emanates from the Civil Protection Basic Law, approved by Law No 27/2006, of July 3rd, of natural catastrophes (e.g. La Palma volcano, fires, etc.) and not of pandemics and/or epidemics, which do not constitute matters of civil protection, but of health”, it can be read.

    The same document adds that, “although they were framed in the rules relating to civil protection, these measures were adopted within the scope of the declaration of the state of contingency, and not of the (more serious/higher) state of calamity”.

    For the Liberal Initiative, “these measures do not have a legal framework in the legislation on civil protection and/or the state of contingency, and could only have been adopted following the declaration of a state of emergency, by the PR and the AR, and, consequently, , illegal.

    The document also adds that the announced measures are unconstitutional.

    “Now, under the terms of article 18 of the CRP: 2- The law can only restrict rights, freedoms and guarantees in the cases expressly provided for in the Constitution, and the restrictions must be limited to what is necessary to safeguard other rights or interests constitutionally protected 3 – Laws restricting rights, freedoms and guarantees must be of a general and abstract nature and cannot have a retroactive effect, nor reduce the extension and scope of the essential content of the constitutional precepts”.

    On the other hand, the principle of proportionality is violated.

    “The announcement conditions the exercise of numerous fundamental rights to the possession of a vaccination certificate and negative test”.

    The requirement for vaccination is unconstitutional, as it violates the principle of proportionality (in addition to numerous fundamental rights of the unvaccinated).

    The Liberal Initiative, assures that “it will study the way to, judicially, manage to make these arrogance typical of petty dictators, be stopped”.

  3. Once again we have seen a lot of hard work making rules etc a lot clearer. Thank you
    Not due to visit until June so will be watching the blog on a regular basis and hoping that by then we will be free from most restrictions

  4. To those who thanked my for my work: you are most welcome. To Susan: thank you for finding all this out. Though my article is not, like I said before, meant to start a discussion about the merits of these new rules, it is excellent that there are people out there who do not take whatever the government says at face value, but who try to put things back in proportion and who study the legality – or the lack thereof – of eveything the government tries to shove down our throats. Excellent work and i hope the Liberal Initiative gets somewhere and manages to put the rulers of Madeira in their constitutional place. But again: that goes beyond the scope of my article.

  5. OK
    “I have no satisfaction”,

    hahaha DID NOT “YUA” TELL U THIS SINCE THE BEGINNING of the scamdemic?
    and u hard core orthodox SCAM believers stomp on me like crazy, asking to be flatten, censor, and the best maybe to shoot for my stupidity. WHO, CDC, MOST EU GOV. SAID WHAT I WHAS TELLING U LONG TIME AGO.
    where are u now?

  6. ******************************
    A lady called Gill Prince has posted on Facebook that there were NO checks at Madeira airport! They went straight through and their taxi driver said all testing and covid checks had ended. At this stage am unsure if you can skip registering on madeirasafe or not at this stage.


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