Airport security fees rise

with government approval

Madeira airport, where security fees may rise
Madeira Airport

The security fee charged by ANA Aeroportos de Portugal rose to €2.95, per passenger embarked, regardless of destination, according to an ordinance published today in Diário da República (the Official Gazette of Portugal ). ANA run Madeira airport.

“The amount of the security fee, L…] relating to airports integrated into the ANA, SA network, is set at €2.95 per passenger on board, regardless of the respective destination”, reads the decree signed by three ministers of state.

In an ordinance published in 2017, signed by the then Minister of Internal Administration, Constanqa Urbano de Sousa, the value of that fee had been updated to “€1.94 per passenger on board, regardless of the respective destination”, when until then a different security fee was charged for flights inside or outside the Schengen area.
ANA had submitted a proposal to update the security fee component applicable at airports in Lisbon (Humberto Delgado), Porto (Francisco
Så Carneiro), Faro, Ponta Delgada (Joäo Paulo Il), Santa Maria, Horta, Flores, Madeira, Porto Santo and Beja Civil Terminal.

Security fee may fall as volumes rise

In January, Expresso reported that ANA had decided to proceed with a civil action against the Ministry of Finance, for not publishing the ordinance to increase the security fee, which had been approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing in March. In the ordinance published today, the Government refers to estimating “that, in the medium term, with the gradual resumption of the volume of passengers, the value of the security fee may fall to levels similar to those prior to the pandemic”.

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