23 years for murder convict

Rua das Hortas murderer sentenced

José Luis, convicted of murder today

The Diario reports that José Luis, the man who shot dead another in a bar on Rua das Hortas on the night of November 20, 2020, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the crime of murder. The decision was announced earlier this afternoon at the Central Criminal Court (in Building 2000 – opposite La Vie shopping centre).

The defendant, a 64-year-old telecommunications technician, was accused of having shot dead José Carlos dos Santos (known as Carläo, 51). He reportedly also shot another man, who was wounded. They were all part of a group that lived together that night and supposedly they had argued over who should buy a round of drinks.

23 years for murder convict 1

The defence case had argued in the initial stages of the trial which started on September 9, that José Luis was being threatened by the person he eventually shot.

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