State worries Albuquerque

Regional President preoccupied with national matters

Albuquerque headline in JM

JM reports that in the antechamber of the Legislative Councils, the president of the PSD-M Miguel Albuquerque yesterday sent Rui Rio, president of the Social Democratic party a reminder from Madeira. Albuquerque is concerned about the ‘slowly de-responsibility of the State’, so he asks the candidate for prime minister to try to ensure “the same opportunities, rights and quality of life” also in Madeira.

Pandemic help line swamped

This is the news that makes today’s headline of your JM, on a front page that also highlights the pandemic. Increase in cases ‘clogged’ SRS24 line. Calls to the SRS24 line have doubled in recent days, with services receiving an average of around 250 requests a day. The high demand has generated several constraints. Yesterday, it was the day of a new record of cases: 1,889. Know what to do in case of infection or risky contact.

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