“Only Madeira escapes socialist wave”

Local vote split

JM headline about socialist victory

JM reports that “António Costa asked, the country gave”, referring to the remarkable turnaround by the Portuguese Prime Minister’s Socialist Party in yesterday’s general election. “Portugal wakes up today painted in pink, mandating the PS for four years of governance with an absolute majority”. 

The newspaper reports that “Only Madeira escaped the socialist wave, results that open the way out for Rui Rio (the PSD – Democrat – leader). The third political force arrives. CDS is outside Parliament. In the Region, the PSD/CDS coalition received the most votes in 10 local municipalities but had to share the Region’s six deputies to the national parliament with the PS.

The Diario reports that locally, the coalition (PSD-D and CDS) “wins, but does not convince”.

"Only Madeira escapes socialist wave" 1

The FN website reports locally that the election favoured the rise of the extreme
right represented by Chega (including in the Autonomous Region of Madeira).

“This phenomenon, by the way, is one of the most remarkable. Fashions often reach Portugal late, and it did not cease to be that way with the rise of ideologies far-right populists, which spread to several European countries and ended up consolidating, against the best expectations, in Portugal in 2022.

“Well into the 21st century, there are those who still identify with clichés propagated by the Salazar regime and repeated by the party led by AndréVentura, as “God, Country, Family and Work”.

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