New Year’s fireworks: videos

20 tonnes of explosives used in 8 minutes

Red Bull SkyDive team preceding the main firework display

The first videos have been published of the firework display in Funchal last night – a couple are reproduced below, which give a good account of a pretty decent display considering the circumstances we live in nowadays.

The videos record 20 tonnes of explosives being used during an 8-minute display. The event cost the Regional Government, according to the Diario, €1,085,000 with the contract, as usual, being awarded to Macedo’s Pirotecnia. The novelty this year was that the firework display was preceded by the launch of the Red Bull Skydive Team at a cost of just over €48,000.

The Diario also broadcast the whole event live, which can be seen on their Facebook page.

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9 thoughts on “New Year’s fireworks: videos”

  1. We watched it on RTP Madeira and during the run up you could see the huge crowds along the sea front. They didn’t show much of the Red Bull display but coverage of the fireworks was good and overall I would say a better display than the last couple of years.

    Mind you, not as good as being there!

    • Yes, we did, too. I did write a thank you to you comment under another article, but not sure if it registered, properly, so just in case you didn’t see it, thank you again for telling us about the RTP app. We were wondering what happened to the Red Bull display, but it was good to feel the atmosphere and remember “old times”.

      • Caroline, yes I saw that comment. The good thing with watching via the app is that you get the sound too which you do not get via the live web cam 👍

  2. Just watched some of the Red Bull Skydivers on Instagram video … Doesn’t give details were they launched from… It must have been spectacular to be there…
    We also watched the fireworks on Marina Webcam…. Sadly we tested positive just before we were due to travel for three weeks over the Festive Period…. I hope they might repeat the Red Bull appearance… Hoping we will be there to celebrate NYE 22/23

  3. We watched the Fireworks at home on Marina Webcam as Covid prevented us from flying out to enjoy a Festive Break…
    The Red Bull Skydivers were amazing prelude to the Big Bang


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