More early voting stations

to avoid crowds gathering

More early voting stations headline in the Diario

The Diario front page leads with the headline that there will be triple the number of early-voting voting stations in Funchal compared to previous years for the upcoming Legislative Elections on January 30. The number is also higher than at the national level. The early voting stations allow locals to cast their vote a week before the official election day, and it is hoped that the increase will reduce the likelihood of crowds gathering as they fulfill their civic duties in pandemic times.

Fewer complaints

A large photo of a complaints book illustrates the news that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to fewer complaints from consumers. 90% of complaints were successfully settled by Consumer Defense, the Regional Government body that deals with these issues. Problems relating to electronic communications lead the complaints made by Madeirans.

Also featuring on the cover of today’s issue is the launch of ‘web chat ‘ service by Funchal City Council, introducing a new way for the citizens of Funchal to contact their local authority.

Covid case numbers

At 1210 the number is slightly down on the previous record high. More details on the link below as usual.

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